May I help you Part-II

--> Be patient in a conversation. Give the other person the time to respond and frame questions. You should also only ask a single question in each message and acknowledge the person's answer when they do respond.

--> Try to give attention to each person when having multiple conversations. You should not miss on important issues or lose the gist of the conversations.

--> Avoid the usage of jargons, abbreviations and slang as they sound unprofessional and may turn off visitors. The language makes a lot of difference.

--> Use humor judiciously as what you say may be misunderstood. There are lots of cultural differences and what one understands as humor may be offensive for another.

--> Last and very important is well informed operators. Customers don’t have much time and hate to wait. So keep all information well in advance and don’t waste time searching while in conversation.

If you have other points then please share with me...